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Above and Beyond


Pre Production Services

The most important part of production! Bring us in on day one. We will location scout, conceptualize the video, formulate shooting strategies, develop interview questions, and much much more.


Professional Quality Video

Macular Media is equipped with state of the art BlackMagic Cinema Cameras. The camera's allow us to capture video at 4k and 6k RAW formats in high frame rates. What does that mean for you? Higher than professional quality video, slow motion capabilities, and extreme color/image control for your editor.

Sound Waves

Professional Quality Audio

We come equipped with professional quality wireless lav microphones and a 4 channel audio mixer that captures sounds at 48000+Hz sample rates. What does that mean for you? Super clean audio capture clear enough for television production, with a discrete microphone.


Professional Lighting Expertise

You can have the best cameras in the world, but if your subject isn't lit correctly your image will look sub par. People often underestimate the value of good lighting techniques. Macular Media comes with the expertise, and the gear to light images beautifully.


Writing Services

Scriptwriting isn't only for movies! It's an incredibly useful tool for editors to put together video packages. We're well equipped and trained to craft stories perfect for any screen.

Editing & Post Production

Post Production Services

Working with editors can be a deeply demoralizing experience. It's extremely useful to have someone "shoot with the edit in mind" which is easier if you are the editor. Macular Media has years of industry editing experience in television and digital platforms. We also have the computer strength and editing software to streamline the process for you. 

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