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Periodically while watching movies, a random, small, and seemingly innocuous gripe about the plot will consume my mind. If I manage to make myself laugh while thinking about said gripe, more rarely, I'll write a skit about it. Sometimes, even though the funny skit is written and the actors are on board, external factors prevent you from bringing it to fruition.

Today I'm going to try something I've never done before. Below you can find the script for the Tenet skit which I failed to produce. I think there's some great moments in it. Don't let it go to waste!


The skit for Tennet was somewhat ambitious. I was trying to emulate this scene from the end of the film.

For those of you that don't know South Jersey - there's nary a desert within driving distance. There is, however, a quarry which I abuse in most of my filmmaking endeavors.

Honestly, I think we managed to get it pretty close, but you be the judge.

And for those of you that haven't yet watched the film, this scene also includes 3 characters. This would be the first time I shot a dialogue between 3 people for a skit like this. Naquon is always on board because, well, I don't deserve that man. Bringing in a third brought it's own set of complications. In terms of sheer humor, no one quite makes me laugh like my friend Trevor. Both of these fine gentleman have extremely busy lives, and finding a schedule overlap proved challenging. After a few days of little contact, and not enough pre production (blame me for that) we settled on a Sunday afternoon.

In the end it was time that determined the outcome of the shoot. By the time all of us were standing in the quarry we had a total of 45 minutes of daylight left. Past

shoots featuring just Naquon and I have run upwards of two and a half hours. It was doomed from the start, part of me knew it, but part of me wanted to try it anyway.

My friends' support was once again reaffirmed. Two friends, both with busy, emotionally taxing lives agreed to help me on a stupid little skit. Now that I've swindled two people into providing all of the comedy, the future of guest appearances is looking bright.

Until next time

- Drew

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